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Our motto of "Exceptional ORGANIC  & Natural Products at a Fair Value" is our working template!

We strive to provide today's public with pesticide-free, 100% organic, and/or natural products that will improve one's individual health and the environment.

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Our Company

As Biotech, we have been involved in Production Agriculture since 1998. The owner has over fifty years in the food production and plant protection business. Our focus is on new green products and practices through a division of Biotech Distribution, LLC based in College Grove, Tennessee, USA.* is working with several suppliers of naturally and/or organically produced products for Crops, Gardens, Vegetables, Farm to Market, Turf, Ornamental and Nursery production.


Our new “Online Store” offers commercial and retail customers access to these products in individual packages and case lots. Our Wholesale Division continues to sell dealers and distributors in pallet and truckload quantities.

Feel free to contact us at to learn more about our company and how we can help you with our organic and natural gardening solutions.

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